New Black Ops Zombies Map Named

The new Zombie map sold in the $US15 Call of Duty: Black Ops "First Strike" expansion will be called Ascension, according to an Activision press release. Any theories on what that means? First Strike will be available for Xbox 360 download on February 1; other platforms later.


    "Ascension" was mentioned numerous times in the SP campaign and also in the intro video, the first time you boot it up as i am pretty sure that the title at the top of the notepad that the lady is reading off says Ascension.

    Also i love Treyarch's sense of humour by calling this "First Strike". If i recall correctly that was the name of the private beta that was held, that was leaked onto torrent sites.

    Well, the Ascension Group was a group of Nazi scientists working on the Soviet space program, so it could possibly be based off of the Executive Order level, or maybe a research facility.

    only question i have is if it will be Nazi zombies or just zombies (as with 'Five')

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