New Pixel Junk Shooter Trailer Shows Online Multiplayer

Q Games has been responsible for some of my favourite games this generation. PixelJunk Monsters in particular sits just behind Braid and Flower when it comes to downloadable games. In short - I will forever buy everything these guys make, and PixelJunk Shooter is no exception. Especially after having seen the new online multiplayer mode in this new trailer.

It's a bit difficult to explain, so we'll just post a little excerpt from the PlayStation Blog and let them explain!

You may have already heard, but PixelJunk Shooter 2 has the most insanely fun online Versus mode that has ever been created. Rather than just do a simple battling-type system, we created a special cat-and-mouse type game which has you and the enemy take turns as cat or mouse, either scouring the stage for the other player or running away from him. The trick being that the “mouse” is invisible to the other player unless he views you directly, so you can sneak around collecting the survivors and transporting them to your base. Each survivor that goes into your base is an extra point. But watch out – when it is the other player’s turn to play mouse they can steal them back if they are cunning enough.

Check out the vid below for more details!

New PixelJunk Shooter 2 Video Shows Online Battles, 20 Weapons, New Boss [PlayStation Blog]


    That looks amazing.. is it out on Steam?

    PixelJunk Eden was is the best effort so far, magical game!

    I'm like you though, they have complete access to my PSN wallet whenever they release something.

    Same with the kids at Housemarque!

    I think all the PixelJunk games have been PSN exclusive, haven't they?

      Oops that was supposed to be a reply to popcultured.


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