New Screens Of Tomb Raider Reboot Go Online

The rebirth of Lara Croft, simply known as Tomb Raider, may be the prettiest entry yet, based on new screen shots of the forthcoming action adventure due for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

If you haven't already seen what the new Tomb Raider looks like in the pages of Game Informer magazine, the outlet has published a big gallery of screen shots, concept art and renders of Crystal Dynamics' next game. They're worth ogling, especially if you like your Lara Croft muddied, beat up and/or tied up.

Tomb Raider Bonus Gallery [Game Informer]


    This game is really giving me an Uncharted vibe.
    Which is good, because those games are awesome and I don't have a PS3.

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