New Tales Game Ready To Tell A Story

The latest entry in Namco's Tales role-playing series has a name. That's good, because it's major headaches when a game does not have a name.

Dubbed Tales of Xillia, the game marks the 15th anniversary of the Tales series and is a "RPG of flickering conviction".

It features character designs by Kosuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata.

The game follows the adventures of Shuto Matis, a medical student, and Mira, a woman able to control the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water).

Back in early August, concept art was shown for the then-untitled Tales of Xillia. Check out the link below for more Xillia footage of giant eyes and tiny noses.

Tales of Xillia [Namco]

The game will be released on the PS3 in Japan next year.


    what sucks is that the west will never see another tales game localized not even the jap version with subs.

      I'm sure we will

      They did it with tales of vesperia or whatever it was in the 360.

      Both English dub and Jap voices with subs

        Oh! the "Exclusive" to label... heard that one before =P

        So since its PS3 "Exclusive" can we expect to see the "Perfect" version on 360 a few months down the track? xD

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