New Uncharted 3 Gameplay Videos Are On Fire

Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has teased us with small doses of its latest, perhaps greatest PlayStation 3 game, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, but today there's even more gorgeous, chateau-burning in-game action to savor.

In all-new video, Nathan Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan attempt to escape the confines of a flaming, dilapidated French manor, showing off a few of their new tricks. Watch as Drake gets double-teamed by a pair of punchable thugs, marvel as burning wallpaper melts from the walls and realistic flame effects show what the PS3 is really capable of.

This is much of what we saw when we previewed Uncharted 3 earlier this month. And here's even more fire-filled, thug-punching action, if the above video wasn't enough.


    I dunno, 3-4 different flame effects, red fog, and a full screen colour grading doesn't give me much of a feel of what the "PS3 is really capable of" :)
    The environments and lighting look amazing before the fire takes hold, that impresses me a lot more, especially with the incredible detail they squeeze out of it.

    Always stunned to see them do this on 5 year old hardware. Props.

    What amazes me is the fact that even though the building is quite obviously burning and falling apart, there's still plenty of bad guys just hanging around inside.

    "Hey, Ted! We should get outta here before we burn to death"
    "Nah, Bob, what if someone is walking around here? He isn't going to shoot HIMSELF in the face, now is he?"
    "Yeah, i guess you gotta point there, Ted. Hey, have you got any marshmallows?"

    I am still yet to play any uncharted game (being PS3-less), but i gotta admit, it does look VERY purdy!

    I think that the fire looks incredible. Easily one of the best looking fires during gameplay that there is.

    the fire looks like garbage, i was expecting more from the video

    i wish i lived in uncharted world, because whenever i couldn't reach something, something will explode or fall down and help me reach the place!

    looks excellent though!

    More of the same. Not bad though considering I really enjoyed number 2. But kind of gets a meh on my excitement meter.

    0.54 on the first video... Sully was thinking it!!

    Yeah i'm more WOWED by the Jungle/Snow in Uncharted 2 thus far. can't wait to play this though, I enjoy the story more than anything and the platforming/puzzle solving.

    I find the melee to be a great weakness in the game and they're clearly trying to improve that aspect and they're most likely trying to show it off the video, but I don't want cheesy moments where you're required to use melee. Uncharted is as linear as linear can get, but I want the option to play it how I wanna play it. Stealth or straight up shooting, not forcing me to melee.

    As much as I love the games - I still hate the Bourne shaky camera work when you jump etc.. leave it for the amazing Bourne films!

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