Next Valentine's Day, Dragon Quest VI Beats Chocolate

Get ready to fall in love with Dragon Quest IV. In 2011, the DS version of the game is finally headed to North America.

On February 14, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie will be getting its official English-localised release. Until now, the Japanese game was only available in English via fan translations.

Dragon Quest VI was released in 1995. The Super Famicom (SNES in the West) version was intended for a US release, but it never materialised.



    I don't think anything can top last years Hand of the Heavinly Bride and the original Dragon Quest IX.
    This will probably sell well but I'm hoping it gets upgraded with the Dragon Quest IX engine:D

    About time! They've been taking their time with this one. Anything about a PAL release date?


        No thanks! It would be pretty stupid of SQEX if they didn't release it for PAL territories anyways, since they already released IV and V here..

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