Nintendo 3DS Cartridges Are So Beefy, They Might Surprise You

Nintendo has contracted the production of its Nintendo 3DS cartridges to Taiwan-based solid-state maker Macronix. And apparently, those cartridges offer enormous memory space.

According to Taiwanese-site Gamrade, the 3DS cartridge is able to hold up to 8GB, but it's rumoured Nintendo will be enforcing some kind of 2GB limit on 3DS games (details are few and far between in the report), with 1GB the supposed very least required. So don't hold your breath for 8GB Nintendo 3DS games any time soon.

Still, this shows just how much of an improvement the 3DS is considering the biggest cartridges for the Nintendo DS are only 512MB.

Remember that this is unconfirmed, and Kotaku is following up with Nintendo. This post will be updated should the company comment.

最大8GB!!!旺宏透露3DS卡带容量规格 - 3DS新闻 泛游系 [Gamrade via インサイド][Pic]


    If they have 8Gb games, that would be legendary.

      We'd also see the same problem as we see now with HD consoles - the extra scape used to have high detailed graphics but little of it dedicated to actual good game play.

      Do not get be wrong, there are good HD games out, Uncharted, Batman Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect to name a few. But large storage capacity is notorious for resulting in good looking games that play like rubbish.

        That's a completely different issue. There's no causality. Large capacity allows more to be stuffed into the game, whether the content is decent or not is up to the developer but even those are completely independent concepts.

    So are we talking Bits or Bytes here?

    I'd assume not exciting at all.

      ...Bits would mean a smaller count. I'm assuming you mean you're assuming they mean bits.

    To put into perspective 8GB would offer developers far more room to move than even the GameCube offered. Allowing lengthy complex 3D games and high quality sound.
    It's a massive boon for developers.
    Although on the flipside I can only presume SquareEnix and Hideo Kojima are salivating at the thought of filling all that space with lengthy cut scenes lol.

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