Nintendo Makes Mario's Creator Drive To Work

There's a great piece up on Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto over on the New York Times, and while we knew much of what's been written, one thing stands out: the guy's being forced to drive to work!

That's right, apparently while he used to enjoy walking or riding his bike, these days the suits make him drive "for his safety and [Nintendo's]peace of mind".

Crazy. We've heard about models getting their butts insured, or athletes insuring their hands/whatever, but making a games designer drive to work? Actually, considering how important he is to the company - not to mention how much he's worth - maybe it's understandable. It's not like he's risking the mean streets of Kyoto on his way to work!

It's a shame we already have Mario Kart. Since Miyamoto loves to design games based on what he's into in life at the moment, we could have had Wii Drive To Work in time for Christmas!

That tidbit aside, you should really read the rest of it; while it's long, there's plenty of neat stuff in it, including a search for Miyamoto's childhood haunts and why he never signs autographs.

Master of Play [The New Yorker][Pic]


    It wouldn't surprise me if in the near future Nintendo ditch Miyamoto and their current Japanese CEO. Most gamers are getting really tired of Nintendo Japans arrogant attitude towards gaming, telling gamers what they want to play rather than actually taking criticism. I'm sure there are a lot of potential and bright people at Nintendo japan, but they wont get a chance to shine with these clowns in charge.
    With the continuous release of crap on Wii (e.g Wii Music) and the half-arsed sequals to Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, they should be ashamed of themselves.

      Miyamoto has made far more good games than bad, I think you're just nitpicking.

      Sales, reviews, and the general gaming community disagrees with you.

      Also, continuous crap? From Nintendo? You must have bought Wii Music about 9 times. You are aware that Nintendo have so many more and better games, right?

    Basically the opposite of everything said above, minus Wii Music. Have enjoyed a vast majority of Miyamoto headed games.

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