Nintendo To Reveal 3DS Details On January 19

Nintendo's North American plans for its stereoscopic 3D portable gaming machine will become much more clear on January 19, 2011, when the company holds a preview event for its next big thing, the Nintendo 3DS.

The company will be hosting a day packed with "hands-on game play, demos and a presentation by president and COO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime" next month in New York, where it's expected that release dates, launch titles and price will be officially unveiled to the video game press. Yes, this is a press-only event, but Kotaku will be attending and letting you know exactly what happens.

Japan gets the Nintendo 3DS on February 26. Will North America be too far behind? Best guesses are placing the 3DS for a mid-March release in the States.

And when will we get Kid Icarus Uprising, the next Pilotwings and the 3D-enhanced remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Hopefully we'll have the answers to those questions and many more on January 19.


    Excitement levels: building

      All they had to say was OoT remake, and I was sold.

        Screw OoT, Lylat Wars! =D

          Screw both of them! Where is my 3DS pikmin! Remakes be damned. :P

          Whilst I also eagerly await the remake of Lylat Wars, I am appalled at you cavalier attitude to Ocarina. Have at you!

    EB has it listed as $349 and GAME has it listing at $398. Can't wait until we finally get some more news.

      Yeah, seeing those prices really deflated my interest in it.

      You can get a 360, and pretty damn close to a PS3 for those kinds of figures.

    Fingers crossed that Nintendo will also release launch date and price information for the EU and AU territories along with this US event. I've got a pre-order at Game with their $398 price, but i'm hoping EB's $349 is right.

    I want to see one in person!

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