Nintendo's Heroes Of The Second World War

Nintendo may have been around during the Second World War, but it wasn't making video games. If it was, though, maybe some of its most beloved characters would have looked a little... different.

A bunch of artists (two of them, Gavin Goulden and Jorge Lacera, from Irrational Games in Boston) are currently running a little showdown, portraying three of Nintendo's more recognisable characters as combatants in World War Two.

Ganon, yeah, he's a Nazi war machine. Star Fox is the world's shortest barrell-rolling kamikaze pilot and Metroid's Samus looks like a two-legged P-51 Mustang.

Lacera says there are more to come... I hope so! Would love to see Captain Falcon as a B-17 pilot. Or Birdo as an Able Seaman...

What if Samus Aran fought in WW2? [Jorge Lacera]

Zelda+WW2= [Carlos Villagra]

Kamikaze Star Fox [Gavin Goulden]

Thanks John!


    That makes me think of an assassins creed type metroid game. Where many generations of Aran women have protected the human race from the most dire threats. That would be cool.

    OOOO but that makes me think of an actual Assasins creed game set in WWII hmmm that could be cool too. I wonder if they would keep the wrist blade but switch the rest to guns instead? Might be cool to have to climb to the top of a building find a good snipe spot then get away unnoticed after the kill.

    Her face looks like some f**ked up Lady Gaga. Next.

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