North Korean Dictator's Real Son Ready To Spawn Homefront Attack

First-person shooter is a fabricated account of what would happen if North Korean leader Kim Jung-il died and his son took over. The game's latest trailer is hardly fiction.

With the Dear Leader's health failing, his son Kim Jung-un is being groomed as the replacement. The latest trailer shows actual footage of Kim Jung-un attending the 65th anniversary of the country's Workers' Party.

In the backstory trailer, the role of Kim Jung-il's son was played by a handsome actor; however, the actor's voice is still used in the trailer. The game's developers didn't know what Kim Jung-un looked like. Nobody in the outside world did, because the only known photo of him was when he was 11 years-old.

Kim Jung-un is not the general's gaming loser son — that's middle child Kim Jong-chol. As revealed in the Wikileaks cables, the U.S. consulate in Shanghai had this to say about Kim Jung-un: "Kim Jong-chol is 'more interested in video games' than governing." Then he's possibly thrilled about this latest turn of events.

Recent events in Korea do give Homefront a real world echo.

Kotaku is following up with publisher THQ to see if Kim Jung-un will be in the final game, a game that dares to make Americans angry.


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