Nothing Tears A Family Apart Like Pizza Power

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can argue all they want, there is only one true answer to the question of who gets the health-giving pizza in Turtles in Time.

That answer, of course, is whoever gets there first. This philosophy got me punched more than once as I was growing up, but I stood by it, which is how I became the type of man I am today: a gigantic arsehole.

Dorkly Bits: TMNT Argue Over Pizza [Dorkuly]


    i laughed really hard XD

    Collaroy Cinema, circa 1995. I'd spend half a weeks pocket money-$5-in one go, just hammering this game. Tickets at that cinema were $5 all sessions (that was my budget blown), and the proprietor would personally hand out lollipops to patrons as they left the show. Good times, good times

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