Now You See Chinese Gundam, Now You Don't

Well, that was quick.

After being constructed earlier this month, the large 15m mecha constructed at China's Floraland Park came under fire for looking a little too much like the life-sized RX-78 Gundam first erected in Japan in 2009. The Chinese theme park denied those claims, saying the statue was based on an original design.

The Floraland figure has logos that read EFSF and WB on its shoulders, which are, as AFP points out, abbreviations for Gundam's "Earth Federation Space Force" and the anime's mothership "White Base".

The statue was apparently constructed for the Christmas holidays.

On Monday, the theme park denied the orange Gundam statue's existence, while a witness told AFP that it had been taken down - something confirmed by Japanese television reports.

In its place are precarious bamboo poles. Nothing says Christmas like precarious bamboo poles!

Japan's Gundam robot crushes Chinese lookalike [AFP][Pic]


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