Oh Good, Elder Scrolls V Won’t Use That Broken Old Engine

While the reveal of a new Elder Scrolls game was a blast, it wasn't the best piece of Elder Scrolls new to come out of the weekend. No, the other piece is much more exciting.

Bethesda's Nick Breckon has confirmed that the next game in the fabled role-playing series won't, as originally suspected, be using id'sTech 5 engine. Nor will it be using Oblivion's outdated and broken engine (which so soiled my Fallout: New Vegas experience), Gamebryo.

Instead, it'll be using an "all-new" engine, one built internally at Bethesda. Not knowing what this engine is capable of, we're loathe to pass judgement on it, but working from the assumption that this new one improves on the old one, that's good news for Elder Scrolls fans.

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    yay!! best way to start a day with excellent news =)
    made my day.

    New Engine = time, bugs and cost to development. But it does give the development team a chance to get new and exciting features built directly into the engine instead of as middleware.

    Being Bethesda we can be sure this game will be epic. I suspect however we'll be waiting a good 2 to 3 years for realease.

      Well, the trailer pegged the release date as November 11 next year (2011), so we can only hope :)

      Id say they've been dev'ing the engine since 2007 or so, or right after they finished Oblivion. And started full time development on the actual game sometime after Fallout 3 shipped.

      So shooting for November next year seems quite realistic. Its pretty normal for a game to be in development long before its actually announced to the public.

      Either way, I just hope its better than Gamebryo and their next Fallout benefits greatly from it.


    And bring in RDR-like horsey animations.

      "You got bad game in my elder scrolls"

        You got trolling in my butt.

        I think this is great, as much as I hate the old engine it had it's bethesda-y feel :)

    new engine could also mean its an mmo

      NO. MMO's are retarded, If they introduced a RDR multiplayer feature, then fine, but i'm sick of damn MMO's.

      Or that the engine used previously is now horridly outdated

    At the time, when Oblivion first came out on the 360, I thought it was a freakin masterpiece. I was blown away by the environment they had created using that engine. So many hours lost in that world.

      I totally agree. To describe the engine as broken is crazy. Look at the screenshots or play the game. Or do better yourself. Any examples of a fantasy open world game that has done any better since: None : it's still the best. Maybe if the Assassin's Creed engine had been used to make a fantasy game we'd have a contended, but it hasn't, and there isn't one.

    Finally got tired of GameBryo, did they? Can't blame them. I spent a year using it and I can tell you it's not the easiest thing to work with. So many things that you just get used to ignoring, but they really shouldn't be there. To be honest, I'm amazed at how well Oblivion turned out now that I understand what they were working with. I think they'll definitely be better off with an engine that they've built and maintained themselves, if not only for that fact that they both know it and have direct access to the developers responsible for each aspect, but they can also adapt the engine itself if the need arises. Can't wait for this game.

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