On A Quest For More Cosplay Photos?

Japan's Comiket, aka Comic Market, grinds on, and folks are buying self-published manga, games and photobooks. But it's really hard to overstate how big the event's cosplay is.

Previously, Kotaku posted the first day of Comiket cosplay. Here's more, including shots of the second day's festivities.

010年最後の晴れ舞台!, 今年最後の笑顔をありがとう!, コミケ79は気合いだ [Ota-Suke]

【速報】コミケ&となコス コスプレダイジェスト3 【コミケ79レポ】 [Moeyo.com]

[コミケ79]ガチからネタまで、コスプレいろいろ【ギャラリーその3】, [コミケ79]ガチからネタまで、コスプレいろいろ【ギャラリーその2】 [Kotaku Japan]


    I'm actually sick of all the cosplay pics on this site.

      I like it generally for the titillation value, but the above examples seem to be scarping the bottom of the barrel :(

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