One Man's One-Word Dead Space 2 Review

John Riccitiello runs EA, the company that makes the Dead Space sci-fi horror games, so he's biased. Nevertheless, he just finished playing through Dead Space 2. I don't even have it yet.

As Riccitiello wrapped up an interview with me this morning, he couldn't suppress is excitement as he said me he'd recently completed a playthrough of Dead Space 2. The game isn't out until January, but the head of EA enjoys his perks.

Dead Space 2 is supposed to be one of the better upcoming games, a follow-up to the well-liked series of horror games set in outer-space. He said it was paced very well, with lots of good action. I mentioned that some readers of my Kotaku previews of the game had worried that the sequel, which we've known is supposed to be more action-packed, would be less scary than the slower original. "Scarier," Riccitiello said.

Then he started raving about the boss battles, which he says are superior to the first game's — the big bad guys seam meaner. He praised the game's high altitude space-diving. And then he was about to mention another thing he liked but shut himself up.

Riccitiello said he was playing on a nearly final version of the game. People who don't run Electronic Arts will have to wait until 2011 for the final version, which is supposed to be out on January 25 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


    I run an Electronic Arts, so where's mine?

    I loved the first game, but I didn't think it was scary. It's difficult making an action game scary, which is probably why I recently enjoyed playing Amnesia so much. Still looking forward to dismembering some more monsters though.

      sure the action sequences were not scary, but it was the parts inbetween that creeped me out.
      I found that it was the music and sfx that really made the game creepy and spooky, making you feel like you really were alone on that space station

    To be honest. I am kinda jealous =P


    Btw - did anyone how pre-ordered the Special Ed. from EB get their DLC code for Ignition?

      *who, not how.

      I've been asking the same question for months now, everyone say's it's available in Australia...but where?

      yeah, i'm going to get the collector's edition... just cant wait to get that damn plasma cutter!

    Even though the article says he shut himself up, I can't help but picture a margeting manager slapping Riccitiello over the back of the head when he was about to let something slip.

    Sounds like he's excited about it, though. That's good.

    I had to play the last game in breaks because my anxiety levels were peaked by this game.
    But, scary does NOT mean sudden surprises.. Scary would also include weird and creepy mutations of the first, plus that eerie violin music *shudder* .

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