Orange You Glad China Has A Giant Mecha?

In mid 2009, Bandai Namco constructed an enormous, life-size 18m tall Gundam statue in Tokyo, following with an updated version earlier this year. China is working on one of it's own, but don't tell Namco Bandai.

Apparently, a theme park in China's Szechwan is constructing a slightly smaller Gundam-type statue of its own, in glorious orange. Details about the statue are scant, but Gundam seems to be gaining in popularity in China, hence this creation.

For better or worse, China is known for its loose interpretation of copyright law, which is something that the Chinese government is actively trying to change. Perhaps a Gundam© Beam Sabre™ would help?

中華なガンダム? 実物大ガンダムが中国に出現 [Gizmodo Japan]


    I suspect they can't make the Chinese one white because all the smog would quickly turn it brown.

    It's going to be a hell of a show when they get around to fighting each other.

    In all seriousness though, when can we get an Atlas or a Mad Cat built in Australia... please?

      OOOOHHH I would donate to having a Mad Cat built.

      That being said, I would be happy with any movement on that franchise.

      Now back into the cave to wait for the reboot of the MW series of games.

    Good old Chinese knockoffs don't stop at just the plastic models I see! :)

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