PETA Praises Adult Swim Flash Games For Being Animal Friendly

While Adult Swim's flash games aren't known for classy content, two have been singled out by animal rights group PETA for being especially animal friendly. Humans killing polar bears is bad, but polar bears killing humans wins awards.

Polar Bear Payback is an action game in which the player takes on the role of a bloody-mouthed polar bear, tearing baby seal hunters limb-from-limb in a spectacular display of gore. Tofu Hunter is a game in which players hunt tofu-based creatures that scream and bleed when killed. This is a sure sign of progress, according to PETA, which is why Adult Swim is taking home a PETA Proggy Award for Most Animal-Friendly Gaming of the Year.

"By portraying the killing of animals for sport, food, or fur in a negative way, these games encourage players to give animals a break and stop eating, wearing, and shooting them," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "Kudos to Adult Swim for recognising that concern for animal rights has moved squarely into the mainstream."

Does anyone offer an award for the most human-unfriendly game of the year?


    what about adult swims unethical treatment of mythical robot creatures, UNICORNS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!

    seriously PETA, shut up, i'm going to eat meat and swat flies whether you like it or not, please stop thinking that you guys have a valid opinion in the world, go do what you guys want, just stop trying to force your views on us.

    God i wish somone would kill THOSE idiots..

    Seriosuly, lets let a Polar Bear loose in PETA HQ...

      What? They would try to hug it or offer it vegan snacks and be brutally massacred!!

      Oh yeah, I see how that'd be good, polar bears need to eat too so they couldn't even complain about it

    PETA are hypocrites in the greatest extent. You know what PETA? I like eating animals and I would happily pay a large amount of money to keep the meat industry up and running (and it's not like I have to) but when you say when an animal that's brutally murdering humans is better than...COOKIng MaMMA then you have dug yourselves a hole ^so deep no one takes you seriously at all.
    Please, disband, the more you bash brands for your financial gain the more we see you as jack asses who couldn't run an argument if it saved your life. Haha I don't even know why I typed this, its not like they'll read this. Even ^so they'll probably have no idea what to say for a rebuttal.

    i liked peta better when peta stood for people eating tasty animals


    Once upon a time people wised up to the fact that some very terrible stuff was done to animals for "progress". This lead to people actually campaigning for this kind of crap to end. It worked slightly and the world was somewhat better for it.

    And then along came PETA.... completely reversing any form of legit animal rights progress to a Fox Network Primetime show, seriously all mind numbing screaming and pointless rhetoric and none of the damned substance you actually need.

    Anyone who knows a vegetarian know the methane release from one vegetarian can strip paint off walls, if the whole world went veg the Ozone would be gone within a week not to mention all the livestock that would find a bullet in the head now they have no value at all. PETA must really hate animals to want them all killed.

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