Playboy Sexes Up Tron Legacy

Hoping for a little less clothing in the upcoming Tron Legacy? Playboy has the next best thing, a totally NSFW spread on the video game movie featuring Playmates Sasckya Porto and Irina Voronina on working light cycles.

Thankfully less hardcore than Pron, the XXX parody of Tron Legacy, Playboy's take on next week's Tron sequel also features the final Parker Brothers Choppers light cycles that cost a cool $US35,000 USD each. There's also glowing body paint and lots and lots of nudity. Beware if nipples are forbidden on your computer screen.

Game On [Playboy]


    Looks like you'd need sunglasses to try and make out any of the ladybits

    Aside from the obvious "I just uploaded myself" double entendres, that was a pretty well executed shoot. Much more into the theme than I expected.

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