PlayStation Ad Banned For Being Too Violent

A British print advertisement for the PlayStation Move controller has been banned in the United Kingdom, after a whopping eight people issued formal complaints.

The ad, which shows a man about to punch another man he has in a headlock, has been deemed by Britain's Advertising Standards Authority to be too much for public consumption, on the basis the imagery may "condone or encourage violent behaviour".

While it may seem strange for the ad to be pulled on the back of eight complaints, it's worth noting that these decisions are not made on the basis of numbers. Even one complaint is enough to bring the matter to the attention of the ASA, who can then - under review - make their own decision on the suitability of the advertisement.

In its defence, Sony UK said it had "taken steps to ensure that the images were not graphic". Maybe it should have taken steps to "ensure the ad wasn't so damn ugly"?

Offensive PlayStation Move ad banned by ASA [campaign via copyranter]


    Proof the British are weak as piss. You will go down in the boxing day test.

    woah EIGHT people, so scary

    It takes eight people to get an ad pulled, but in Australia several thousand people complain about Left 4 Dead 2 being censored and nothing happens.

    When censorship drastically favours the conservative it's pretty clear its not working.

    Because 2 men in a homoerotic pose with a fruity pink Move controller totally screams "BADASS FIGHTING GAME."

    The fact the guy in the headlock is reaching to Red shirt's crotch make me think this is more a tender act of man love.

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