PlayStation App For IPhone, Android Might Not Be What You're Expecting

Sony will be releasing an official PlayStation app for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android based handsets, an application that's not meant to turn your handset into a PlayStation Phone.

The official PlayStation app is coming to parts of Europe—UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands—soon. Don't expect much beyond the opportunity to read the official European PlayStation blog and to be slickly marketed to, but the iPhone and Android app will let you keep an eye on your friends list and trophies.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reps say they'll keep adding new features and more countries to the app, but no word yet on the software coming to iOS and Android devices outside of Europe.

The Official PlayStation App, Coming Soon To iPhone And Android Handsets [PlayStation Blog Europe]


    Hope they turn it into a touchscreen remote for the PS3
    Would be pretty awesome.

    Ahhhh one can dream.

    An app that let your phone work the shape buttons via bluetooth would be great.

    But this app sounds crap.

    It shouldn't be to hard to make it into a remote seeing as it uses Bluetooth

      Looked at that a bit already, at least on Android. Unfortunately, the OS's bluetooth stack is missing the components to support it at the moment.

    I love the app PSN Friends but would drop it in a second if Sony released an official app. Even the simple functionality of seeing who is online is worth it. Such a waste of time to turn on the PS3 and wait till it connects only to find that none of your friends are online or that they're playing something shit.

    i was very excited till i realised just then its for IOS 4, Apple (the pricks) decided to drop support for the first gen touch, so its not looking like i'll be able to get it any more....a new ipod it is!!

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