Police Arrest Man Accused Of Stealing Consoles From Kids With Cancer

Earlier this month, a man broke into a hospital and stole consoles that were used by kids with cancer. Good news, everyone: police say they've caught the guy.

Charles Everett Hinton has been arrested by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, and charged with burglary, larceny after burglary, and damage to property. He stands accused of breaking into the Levine Pediatric Hematology and Oncology centre and stealing five video game consoles.

If convicted, Hinton - who is also a convicted sex offender - is going to have a fun time in prison explaining why he's in there.

Video game thief suspect arrested [WISTV]


    "Hello new cellmate, I'm in here cause I stole video games from cancer-stricken children. So what time's dinner around her-UUURGGGGKKKKHHHH!"

    Maybe its an innocent misunderstanding. Maybe his star sign is cancer and so he thought they were presents for him!

    Or he's just an arsehole

    One of the two

    Stroll in and grab one after the terminal cancer lives up to its name, duh, no need to steal

    He could have got them second hand after the kid passed away, that would have been legal - if a bit morbid.

    ...and of course he's black. I'm really starting to think it's genetic. Not being racist, just an observation so don't worry your conservative selves.

      im pretty sure conservative is most of the time racist

      You're suggesting a theory that black people are genetically disposed towards criminal behavior. You're racist. That is all.

    a convicted sex offender that stole game consoles from cancer children around christmas time...

    Man this dude is going to end up dead in prison if anybody finds out.

    Infact I encourage everybody to mail in his name and what he did to several inmates in whatever prison he ends up in to make sure of it.

    his asshole now = .

    his asshole in prison = O

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