Portal Gets Broken In The World's Fastest Speed Run

This Portal player can beat the game in less than 10 minutes, with many levels flying by in mere seconds. How can a Portal speed run happen so fast? Break Portal apart at the seams, of course.

This sprint through Valve's first-person puzzler is a combination of speedy backwards jumping, slipping through cracks in the world and screwing with Portal's rules. It's a great watch, even if you spend most of your time looking at elevator doors, wondering "How the hell did he just do that?!"

DemonStrate - Portal Done Pro - Speedrun - 9:25.567 - WR [YouTube via PC Gamer]


    That's a pretty fantastic way to end it


    That was amazing. Though mate, stick with the speedruns and give up on the singing.

      I was thinking that the singing at the end was the actual voice of whoever plays GLaDOS before their voice was digitised to sound the way we know it.

        Nein, a girl sung the Portal Song. This is most likely the player singing. Not good.

        Nope Glados' voice actor is female.

        tbh his singing was pretty good.

          Completely out of key...so horrible. like nails on a chalkboard >.<

          Are you deaf, dude? He was off key the entire time!

        If I just did that I would be singing to

      The definitely isn't the original version by Jonothan Coulton (Who wrote the song), its probably just some other cover by this guy or another (its not that bad).

      I'm pretty sure he is deliberately singing off key... and that is very hard to do! Especially to stay off key as well as he did. I thought it was a great way to end the vid. :P

    Some people have waaaay to much time on their hands!

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