Poster-Size Meat Boy Guide Fit For Any Bedroom Wall

Super Meat Boy is a savagely difficult platformer, and those old-school bonafides gave artist TheInfamousTheft the inspiration for this rad Nintendo Power-style beat guide to The Guy's three levels, which unlock The Kid. Spoilers? Maybe. Big size on the jump.

Super Meat Boy: The Guy Guide [TheInfamousTheft on DeviantArt - Thanks Bryce F.]


    These levels will be the death of me. Just need to finish this and Cotton Alley -_-

    I was greatly enjoying Super Meat Boy for the first two worlds.
    World 3 introduced the homing missiles, which while it put a damper on my enjoyment, after I learnt to deal with them, I was back to having fun with the game.

    And then I got to The Kid's warp zone.

    I have forever lost the ability to feel any emotion but PURE UNBRIDLED RAGE.

    I literally just unlocked The Kid a few hrs ago. Took about 2.5hrs with breaks in between. My thumbs are still sore.

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