Pre-Order Fight Night, Get George Foreman As A Lean Mean Machine

Pre-order bonuses are circulating for Fight Night Champion, due March 1. Get it through Amazon and you'll be given a code that unlocks young George Foreman, back when he had a bigger afro and smaller moobs. He also fights better.

Young George will have a power and speed boost commensurate to that of a young champion, plus those killer red trunks. If you preorder the game through GameStop, the bonus is a 100th anniversary Everlast equipment pack of gloves and shoes for a Legacy Mode boxer. I'd probably go with Amazon on this.

Meantime, a few more screenshots went up over on Operation Sports. Check them out if you want to see more.


    I'll pre-order if you give me the grill..

    Fatty george forman woulda been more amusing :(

    That's crap, so one of the greatest boxers of all time won't be in the game unless we pre order. That's a bit piss poor.

    And after only 12 people actually preordered through Amazon, you'd think they would release an update with the young George foreman included... but they haven't..smh

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