Predator Camo Comes To Kinect

You know in Predator how the creature is able to cloak itself in the surroundings and appear almost invisible? Well, someone figured out how to do that on Kinect.

Japanese modder Takayuki Fukatsu used Openframeworks and Kinect to create this Predator-style (Metal Gear Solid IV OctoCamo-style?) mod and prove beyond a doubt that not only are Japanese people buying Kinect, but at least one guy is doing cool things with it.

TakayukiFukatsu (YouTube) [YouTube via via Neowin via PopSci via Engadget]


    It's a neat idea...but it's just a static background with a kind of on-the-fly morphing tool being used in place of the person's body, as the kinect's IR sensors see him. At least that's my guess.

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