Prepare For Kotaku's Game Of The Year Debates

Last week we unveiled our final picks for the Game of the Year nominees.

At the time I said we'd be publishing our arguments in defence of and against the games over the month. But after polling all of Kotaku Tower I realised that a few of us still need a bit more time to finish playing the games up for the annual award.

I was also reminded that last year's awards were handed out, metaphorically speaking, in mid January, after we'd all had plenty of time to mull over our thoughts and arguments about the games.

So that's what we'll be doing again this year. Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience, but I'd rather give everyone here the additional time to prepare a solid argument then rush to judgement.

For those of you who missed last year's Game of the Year debates, here's how it works:

I poll everyone at the tower for their choice for game of the year. I then select a champion for each game. (Sometimes more than one person voted for a game.)

We all are given time to play as much of the games as possible.

Each game's champion write's up a defence for that title. The defence is passed on to the next writer who makes their own arguments for or against. Once everyone has had their say for every game we publish the stories as a series of debates.

Then a few days later, after we've all had time to mull over the arguments and make a final decision, we announce the single winner.

Last year it was Uncharted 2.


    Black Ops? Really?

      I loved the single player for black ops the mp is shit took over a month to make it run well for dual cores like come on what is that

    I am a massive nba 2k fan, but this has to be Mass Effect 2 and it's not even close.

      Gotta agree 2k11 was Fantastic ... but mass effect 2 was Brilliant. Mass Effect 2 wins

    There is no contest. The best game this year was Bayonetta.


      It's cool that you have your own opinion and all, but seriously?! The story was pretty much Devil May Cry 4, in fact the whole game was pretty much. It was Devil May Cry 4.5.

    There's two dudes in the middle of that picture... and I don't think they're meant to be in contention.

      Hm... Yeah I see it too, did they sneak into the picture using a friend's key or something?

    RDR for mine.

    Yeh Blops is actually a terrible game you have been taken by the publicity aswell. reach should be there instead.

    What!!!??? No Michael Jackson: The Experience? What the hell Kotaku! lol joking.

    I'd almost go Red Dead Redemption (based on story) but the lack of polish with dodgy gameplay mechanics and glitches makes it not eligable for game of the year in my opinion.

    Two of these games are not like the others, two of these games are overhyped trash.

    rdr was the best game this year by far, it did something that the rest didn't for me (even heavy rain) and that was to emote very well.

      I agree and disagree, RDR was a masterpiece that still stays with me today. Heavy Rain has made me feel very strongly for Ethan, but it depends on the choices you make I guess and how much you relate to the characters. RDR for GOTY! Rockstar games seem to grip me by the shoulders and force me to play them. They always create these worlds that I want to explore, worlds that feel so real I want my avatar to experience them. In GTA IV I bought every house, but only one of them was the house I used. I would always go back to there after a big play session and go to bed in that house, my house. Of course I'd move house when I got a bit more money, get a nicer place in a newer area. Same thing for read dead redemption. Although I will admit, the auto-aim in red dead trivialised combat a bit, turning that off and switching to the Splitfish PS3 mouse made the game so much more satisfying as well as enjoyable.

    Fallout New Vegas. The majority of bugs have finally been patched up and it's got far better sandbox potential than RDR and it's a far better as an RPG than Mass Effect 2 (and as good as ME2 was, the writing is better too imo)

    It should at least be nominated for the amazingly ambitious work that it was.

    Seems like metro 2033 always gets forgotten

    Mass Effect 2!

    I would say Bad Company 2, but its the quality of the players that really make it. And that varies from day to day, server to server.

    What sucks is all games being shown are good in their own way (Although I can't really comment on NBA cus I have never played it). But in true honesty it shoudl go to Mass Effect 2, purely because it has been out longer and recieved quite a big amount of DLC. I do have to agree the BLOPs shouldn't be counted because it's been out for a short time, but it should at least get a special mention for it's high production value and engaging story

    I'm commander shepard, and this is my favourite game of the year.

    i believe the mass effect 2 deserves it since it was released at the start of the year a is still a great game to play due to the amount of replay ability :)

    Mass Effect 2 easily

    Red Dead Redemptions a good game for sure
    But quite frankly theres to many issues with it

    It's like reviewers somehow miss the first 2 hours of the game where your herding cows and other borings things like that

    The best part of it is you get to do it again near the end of game.......

    Or the long, boring horse rides across a similarily boring landscape

    Or the fact that almost everything had no point to it outside of the main story. What was the point of doing anything except to get acheivements?

    Money was essentially worthless, buying horses made no difference, being an outlaw just gave headaches and no discernible bonuses for being one

    It's a good game, for its story, only after two hours in and even then it drags in the Mexico section a bit
    Just to many issues for it to be a game of the year title honestly

      To me the first 2 hours and last hour of the game made it so much more fun. I wanted to have a farm that I could go rustle up brumbies for, it's all part of creating the feeling that the world is alive, and it makes for great varied gameplay, getting very bored of aim and click being the only thing in a game.


        Oh don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have minded
        If they had done it well

        Instead it was a tedious, annoying thing and honestly I was considering dropping the game during those points

      Which is exactly why you shouldn't be voting on anything related to game of the year. RDR wasn't made for the goldfish attention span, twitchy finger button spamming Gen Y's. The long rides across the landscape in RDR were the best part. The landscape is fantastically rendered, the lighting and time of day effects stunning, the horse animation great, the random encounters don't feel out of place or "spawned". You got drawn into a world which is a great feat given the pace of that world compared to modern day reality. Mass Effect 2 was a good game, but RDR actually broke new ground not only technologically but also in suspension of disbelief.

        I like the condscending attitude you provide
        instead of assuming that the tedious parts i was talking about being tedious you instead tell me I love shooters?
        Especially considering in GT4 I actually liked hanging out with friends to do stuff, the height of boring nonsense which everyone else complained about

        Now considering that Dragon Age is my personal favourite game and RPGs are more my flavour I could understand why you presume to know what I like and enjoy

        But thank you, thank you for being a complete douche and presuming to judge me and what I like

        Btw all the things you listed are technical things, things which dont really play into "good gameplay with boring parts that could have been done better and an excellent story" comment which I made

    Nba2k for me.

    Yeah this is gonna be between RDR and ME2.

    Incredibly dissapointed to see BLOPS on the list, its not a bad game but there were far better mainstream fps's released this year.
    *cough* REACH *cough*

    Mass Effect 2, that should definitely win.

    How Black Ops even gets nominated for game of the year is ridiculous, it's the literal definition of redundant.

    IMO Mass Effect 2 should get it, only because I don't think much of the other games. There wasn't much innovated on from ME1 however, and the inclusion of ammunition became an issue when only 1 in 5 enemies drop some.

    However I still think it is better than the other nominations.

    Alan Wake?

    Mass Effect 2 for me and to be honest one of the best parts of the game was the last round of DLC. Absolutely fantastic!!! Come on Halo Reach was great and I have to agree with Asuron about the issues with RDR. A great game to be sure but not game of the year. It had this amazing vibe and world with really nothing to do. I remember getting my posse together online and how much fun it was only to find there was little to do together outside of the same gang mission over and over. The story had its moments and some brilliantly original ideas but many flaws. ME2 is the business. Great story, incredible graphics and exciting gameplay. Call of duty Black Ops carries on the tradition of being a staple in my FPS multiplayer diet. Just easy to pick up and play a few games. The story was pretty good with a clever twist. Very cinematic as always. A great game but not game of the year in my opinion. Some really great games this year though. Bring on 2011!!!

    out of those games, Probbably RDR simply for the scene were you get to Mexico and that song starts up and oh god...

    Overall though, Blazblue Continuim Shift shits all over anything else put out this year.

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