Protect Your Skull In Total Tron Luxury

The diehard Tron fan who prefers the 1982 aesthetic, rides a motorcycle (or scooter) and has heaps of disposable income should put in their pre-orders for Les Ateliers Ruby's newest helmet now, lest Tron Guy snap them all up.

True, they're not cheap. Les Atelier Ruby's designer helmets run between $US1200 and $US1800, for a SpongeBob Squarepants and Karl Lagerfeld branded brain protector, respectively. But hey, when you're wearing your posh Tron Legacy inspired outfit from Opening Ceremony and riding your $US35,000 custom made Light Cycle, you're going to look pretty cool with this on your noggin.

TRON x Les Ateliers Ruby Helmets [Hypebeast]


    Finally some official Tron merch that actually pays attention to the aesthetics of Tron at all!

    Sure it's ridiculously expensive but it's not like I was expecting anything less. At least the designers of this have actually bothered to look at anything related to Tron (unlike the idiotic, ignorant "designers" for Opening Ceremony) and produce a design that's actually has something to do with Tron. In fact I say that design is pretty darn sweet.

    It's be sweeter if those lines glowed though "to encourage safety in the dark" :P

    I just watched a video of the replica cycle test ride and it looks like one of the most uncomfortable and impractical forms of transport, second only to that creation of Mr Garrison's on south park.

      Can't wait for Tron Legacy. BAHA "Theres these buttons on the handles that don't really do anything. Couldn't we use them for control instead" "Well...Uh... I guess so".

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