PS3 Firmware Updated In The Fight Against Piracy

The PlayStation 3 is in line for another update in the next day or so, bringing the machine to v3.55. Sony say "this is a minor update that adds a security patch". What ever could they mean?

They're surely referring to a recent upsurge in "jailbreaks" for the console. A few months ago, devices went on sale that allowed the copying of PlayStation 3 games. While Sony was quick to block these devices' access to the console, recent improvements made to the jailbreak tools have let them back in the game.

This kind of tit-for-tat running battle between platform holders and hackers/pirates/people who just want to backup their own games is common place on the Wii, and has been for years now. Looks like it's about to be the same on the PS3.

PS3 System Software Update (v3.55) [Sony]


    Sigh. Yet another ~170mb update from Sony that doesn't actually add anything.

      Sony have implemented incremental updates since firmware 3.41. It means you only download the changes, rather than the whole firmware. The updates shouldn't take long, especially if it's a small change.

    Its up now and its a pretty small update which only took me a few mins to download

    I wish people would stop hacking the thing so I don't have to keep updating all the time. Grr.

      I wish people would stop updating the thing so I don’t have to keep hacking all the time. Grr.

        I wish people would stop hacking the thing so I don’t have to keep updating all the time. Grr.

          I wish people (mostly Sony) would just get over it, and stop updating the thing...

    I'll put up with this because Sony have listened and done alot to make the PS3 great (yes some things are missing but follow my point) So I will return their commitment by doing the right things and frowning on pirates and keeping upto date with these patches.

      Agreed. I'm very pleased with Sony atm, Ubisoft on the other hand..

    Can't be angry at Sony. It's annoying but at the end of the day they are protecting what is a MASSIVE investment. A massive investment that is struggling to break even. They would be in all sorts if the PS3 was as easy to hack as the Wii and 360.

    Keep hackin away all!
    Sony burnt me with their dlc which isn't region free although their games and barred me when I queried it now they can burn!

    It only makes me think when FW 4.0 is coming out, lets hope for mega announcements at the VGA's

    Everyone is complaining about these updates having nothing in them but it's the peoples complaining that resulted from this.

    At the start of the PS3, they were updating the thing monthly and people were complaining. But at that time at least they were adding stuff now they are doing less updates because people complained and now they haven't been putting enough effort into the updates because they haven't been updating often enough.

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