Put A Pricey Pyramid Head From Silent Hill On Your Shelf

Iconic whatever-the-hell-he-is Pyramid Head from Konami's horrific Silent Hill series is being immortalised in solid resin - along with a friend - for your video game statuette collection needs. But high quality Pyramid Heads don't come cheap.

Konami Style has released a 12.5-inch version of the grisly Pyramid Head for 25,200 yen (about $300) and will soon release his Silent Hill 3 colleague Valtiel for slightly less, 23,100 yen (about $275). These are Konami Style exclusives, meaning they're essentially for Japan only. You may want to hit up eBay, your favourite importer or proxy buyer Tokyo Hunter if you have the scratch to get one.

サイレントヒル2 レッドピラミッドシング [KonamiStyle via Tomopop]


    omg omg omg!!! DO WANT!!! That would look ACE in my collection!!! :0


    Valtiel isn't his colleague?

    This better not be a kit rather than prepainted like that recent Bayonetta statue. If its prepainted I'm definately getting this.

    Whats with the gross skin sack on the back of his neck under the metal pyramid?

    Its too big to be skin being pushed under the weight of it. I never noticed that on the movie or the games before.

    Its really good though, I'd love to get it but at $310AU before postage, count me out.

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