QWOP Is One Of Life's Hardest Activities

The guy in this video curses a lot. Can you blame him? He's trying to play QWOP, one of the worst video games I've ever played.

This game made the guy playing it exclaim in the clip: "You've got to be licking my nipples with the tongue of an elephant."(Warning: Lots of Not Safe For Work language in the clip.) Good think YouTube makes watching people struggle at video games so entertaining.

Is QWOP, which first tortured us in 2008, tough?

Well, you could watch a 2009 "speed run" to see how to do it right.

Or you could try playing it yourself. My record is 2.7 metres.

The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary [YouTube]


    I love that video.
    Some of the funniest stuff ive seen on the interwebs.

    Didn't Chuloopa post this 2 weeks ago?

      Somebody did, in TAY.

      That has to be hands-down (legs-splayed?) one of the funniest things I've ever seen online. I think his commentary just nails it.

    There's a f***ing hurdle?!? My highest is an annoying 26m. The bastard's annoying non existent ankles make things very tricky if you need to recover.

    Love this guy's videos. You can actually do that shuffle he does quite effectively if you get into that awkward split stance and alternate between ALL the buttons very quickly. The shuffle is deadly slow though and I gave up that strategy at around 10m.

    You guys couldn't finish it?

    I mean, yeah it was tricky but I wouldn't put it on the same list I'd stick Battletoads or TTFAF on...

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