READY: Attorneys-General Consider Their Position

In the lead up to the all-important SCAG meeting this Friday, people have been scrambling to get an idea of each Attorney-General’s opinion regarding the R18+ rating. Brendan O’ Connor’s announcement that the Federal Government supports the rating was a huge step, but the responsibility still rests on the shoulders of Attorneys-General.

Let’s start with the good news. John Rau, who replaced Michael Atkinson as the Attorney-General of South Australia, is far less hardline on the issue compared to his predecessor reports the ABC

“There’s no doubt that these things are available either by mail order or through downloads off the internet,” claims Rau, “so it’s not as if there’s a complete impossibility of getting hold of these things anyway.”

“The second thing is,” he continued, “that it can’t just simply from my point of view be introduced R18 and leave everything as it is because that would not in my view offer enough protection and security.”

At this stage Christian Porter, the Attorney-General for WA is the wild card, having come under pressure from MPs in his state to block approval of the R18+ rating.

One of the MPs petitioning Porter is the MP for Swan Hills, Frank Alban.

“I’m in favour for more protection of children and kids, he claimed, “but I think the borders of our morality have been extended to such an extent where we almost don’t have any borders at all.”

Time will ultimately tell, but considering that 84% of Christian Porter’s constituents have spoken in favour of R18+, surely going against an adult rating in the SCAG meeting would be politically irresponsible and, above all, completely undemocratic. Of all the states in Australia, WA was the most strongly in favour of the rating. Going against the voters who elected you in an attempt to pander to a handful of MPs would be, in our humble opinion a poor choice given the circumstances.

More news as we get it.

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