READY: Democracy Inaction!

Looks like we'll have to wait until Australia gets the R18+ rating it deserves. The WA Attorney General has stated that he wishes to consult his cabinet before making any decision on the matter.

This is a big disappointment for those who have worked so tirelessly on the issue in an attempt to make sure common sense prevailed - but hopefully this is the beginning of a positive outcome for R18+.

Still stuck at the kids table, it seems. More news to follow.

Check out all out R18+ coverage here.


    If he can't even make a decision this simple, he should resign immediately.

      Second that!

    I'm embarrassed to be living in WA. Boourns!

      I'm not. Why should I be? The Attorney-General is not the state, and in this matter he does not represent me. And in his defence, he is nowhere near Atkinson territory: yes, it's disappointing that we have to wait, but a considered decision will be much better than a hasty one. Let's save our vitriol for when we actually know where he stands, lest we embarrass the gaming community.


    Kudos for the headline.

    Apart from that, blergh.

      It's funny, albeit inaccurate. Australia is not a democracy.

        WHat? Australia is a democracy, a representative democracy. A representative democracy is still a democracy, just as a beef pie is a pie.

    This shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone really.

    GAH FFS! Time to bunk off work and get beers.

    Yeah, was it not already pointed out that the constituents under them mostly approve of the changes?!

    Dear ACL,


    Everyone here.

    I don't really know anything about the WA Attorny General and his cabinet. Are they likely to be for or against an R18 rating? Also how long untill a decision is made? Are we talking hours, days, weeks or even months?

    Dear AGs,


    Everyone here.

    It's okay, following you on twitter has been more than worth it, Mark. :P

    (Hey... I thought I said I wasn't going to follow this?!)

    FUCK.... im sorry, but i couldnt find a more appropriate word for this situation.



    I guess we put in a bid for the next SAGC occuring 2012? 2014?

    What? Are they hoping the issue might just go away?

      Wait... who am I kidding? We all knew what the result was going to be!

      It's rather embarrassing that I still feel robbed. :(

    I said it on Twitter, I'll say it here: If the SCAG cannot make a simple common sense decision after months of public consultation what is the point of the SCAG?

    What a piece of shit. I hate this country sometimes.

    Oh well, back to eBay. Cheers SAGs.

    Why even have a public consultation?

    does this mean we have to wait till teh next Meeting in 6 - 8 Months????



    Pathetic.. absolutely pathetic..
    This is why i didn't want to get my hopes up, yet i'm still utterly disappointed and disgusted in how our government treats us...

    This isn't democracy, this is utter bullshit...

    I hope this Ag likes angry letters, because i'm sure the 'floodgates are about to open'

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