Remember This?

Alright chaps and chapettes, let's see if you can guess this classic game from a single screenshot. I'll update everyone with the answer in the afternoon, but if someone manages to get it early, feel free to chuck on the rose-tinted specs and reminisce!


    I don't know, but i am wondering why Colonel Sanders is in it..

    I'm not sure, but judging by the alt tag when I rolled over it "kfc" and the name of the file "kfc.jpg" I'm guessing it's that Sneak King game for Burger King?

    Mario 64

    dynamite dux :D

    i remember playing this as a tyke,

    Dunno but it looks an awful lot like the KFC Colonel... is it an anti-advergame "Kentucky Fried Duck: Escape from the Deep Frier"?

    Dynamite Dux.

    Looks a lot like Dynamite Dux. I only played the C64 version, which that isn't.

    Dynamite Dux on the Sega Master System?

    'Dynamite Dux'!

    Before I go to Google, there were a few versions of this. I used to play it at the arcade when games were 20c a pop. I'm sure a mate had it on his SNES, too.

      Ah, no, it was a SEGA game (thanks Google).

    Is that Colonel Sanders in the background?

    Dynamite Dux. Couldn't tell you what platform though - that game was on everything.

    Oh dear, it looks uncannily similar to Dynamite Dux on the Sega Master System (original, #2 was no way near as good). I'm not sure if I'm ashamed that I recognise it or not.

    I'm guessing (from the freakish Colonel Sanders look-alike on the top) that this may have had something to do with KFC...

    Dynamite Dux! Loved this one!

    it has to be something KFC related surely?

    Judging by the KFC tie in I'm gonna say Crazy Taxi.

    I was going to say it was one of the many, many, many forgettable Sonic games.

    Man I loved this game.

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