Remember This?

Alright chaps and chapettes, let's see if you can guess this 'classic' game from a single screenshot. I'll update everyone with the answer in the afternoon, but if someone manages to get it early, feel free to chuck on the rose-tinted specs and reminisce!


    Hehe, that looks like Marc Ecko: Contents Under Pressure. How appropriate.

      Or more accurately, the Internet informs me that should be "Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure"

    Marc Ecko’s Getting Up

    I'm sorry but that screenshot should be refused classification.


      After all the outrage over that game I really wanted to play it, after getting a copy however it wouldn't stop glitching on my PC so was impossible to actually play.

      I found it weird that Jet Set Radio & Jet Set Radio Future were perfectly fine over here but this wasn't. Apparently graffiti in a cel-shaded world is acceptable but graffiti in a non-cel shaded world isn't, wut? :/

    I agree, it looks like it is probably from [This comment has been Refused Classification]

    marc ecko's getting up: content refused classification...

    shame... was a pretty good game too...

    I wouldn't know, can't say I've ever seen anything like it in Australia...

    For a game about graffiti, it looks very brown, doesn't it?

    From everything I've read, this game was rightfully refused classification, not because of promoting antisocial tendencies but because of being shit

    I just bought a copy off eBay UK.

    Too easy.
    Fairly enjoyable, beats your typical fantasy platformer.

    Oh Damn, I though it was Rule of Rose

    This game could have sparked the massive R18+ debate a few years early. Unfortunately it was shit and as such, no-one gave a shit.

    Rule of Rose was actually pretty crap too... I never got to the content that caused the game to get banned, because it was pretty boring... I tried getting back into it, but I can't remember what I'm supposed to do! So now it just sits on the shelf again....

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