Remember This?

Can you guess this classic game from a single screenshot? If not, I'll update this post later this afternoon with the name of the game, but if someone guesses sooner, feel free to chuck on the rose-tinted specs and reminisce over this awesome game.


    Yi Ar Kung Fu C64.

    Pole was particularly nasty with him often smacking your toe with his pole in one of the earliest unbreakable chains used by an AI.

    Many hours of homework time lost to Yie Ar Kung-Fu.

    Yie Ar Kung-Fu, classic childhood memories.

    Used to love that game. Can't remember if I ever fully beat it. From memory, I think there were 5 people on the first load screen, once you get passed them, there's another 5. After that, you go back to the first screen? I can't quite remember.

    Was one of my favourite games, but still loved International Karate better :)

      IK+ was amazing. Three player fights were awesome.

        TRUE DAT.

        I remember describing it to a friend once as 'punching nuts and deflecting balls'. Oddly, he thought me strange.

        Why don't we have any 3-Player simultaneous fighters these days? Someone ought to get on to that!

          High kicking people in the back of the head in IK+ was a simple pleasure, but one I enjoyed muchly.

            The jumping double head kick was pretty sweet, but nothing was as stylish as headbutt transition to reverse nut-punch

          They should port it to the PSN/XBLA, imagine how cool it'd be as an arcade game played over the net

        The thing I remember about that game is how the other two fighters would attack each other in the earlier stages but later on they would totally gang up on you.

        It gets to the point where you are lying on the ground and they are both just standing there waiting for you to get back up.

        In previous levels they would have at least attacked each other while waiting.

    Judging by the artstyle and the detail in the scenery... it could be Borderlands.

      I keep waiting for a IK+ remake on the xbox or something. Loved the controls back then. It was kinda the first hitstick type control that gets used in NHL or Fight night. Maybe I'll fire up XNa again... oh wait, Indie Games is crap for Australians still!!!

        I assume by "crap" you mean "nonexistant" (or have they actually added and empty storefront)

    Mario 64

    Loved this game. Didn't so much love the 45min loading time of the cassette though.

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