Resident Evil Is Still The Best-Looking Thing On The 3DS

There's a reason Capcom is so keen to show off its Resident Evil games on the 3DS: they're far and away the most visually impressive titles we're yet to see for Nintendo's new handheld.

Sure, these are screenshots - which can never be trusted as 100% faithful representations of a final product - but there are enough low-poly surfaces on these characters to convince me they're not far off the real thing.

The four "dark" screenshots are from Resident Evil: Revelations (the entire game takes place on a ship), while the sunny ones are from Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Edition.


    Maybe I was dumb for expecting something better, concidering they're cramming so much into the 3DS already. The PSP2 better have better graphics, or it really has nothing to compete.

      Consider the fact that PSP is more powerful than DS, and yet there is a DS RE but no PSP RE, so I doubt there will be a PSP2 version RE

    It definitely looks good for a handheld, but Snake Eater wouldn't be in development if things weren't going to look good on the 3DS - I don't think I'm being naive in expecting that to be even better.

    The lighting in those boat pics are sliiiick, shiny shiny slick! The outdoors though... a bit... green. This is graphics aside, colour palette/lighting critique only!

    Hot diggity damn, those look awesome. Makes me want a 3DS even more!

    At first glance the top image made me think it was Perfect Dark.

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