Resistance 3 Wishes You Were Here

Resistance 3 is giving off a very Half-Life 2 vibe, with the tattered remnants of humanity fighting a war of survival against an alien oppressor. So why does everything look so bright and cheery?

This collection of concept art and screenshots for the upcoming PS3 shooter show an America overrun, the evil Chimera practically victorious as the last surviving humans go into hiding in an attempt to stay alive.

You wouldn't think that from these 1950's style "wish you were here" shots, though, with blue skies, coloured clothes and pretty ladies par for the course. Maybe the humans and aliens should quit fighting, go grab a malt milkshake and catch a flick at the drive-in!


    I like the look of this,i hope the "soft" look carries over to gameplay. Resistance 2 was a bit of a dissapointment for me. As much flak RFoM copped on release i thought it was brilliant.

      yup. It went from a decent game that while it sat in reality it had jumps to crazyness.

      Resistance 2 felt like i was playing an adults version of Ratchet and clank. Stupidly large boss's with special tactics to defeat.

      It also ditched the british cast which i thought were much better than the american lot(something i think they realised with retribution)

    Looks nice. I'm still only an hour or so into R2....that was years ago. Maybe I'll knock it off prior to 3 being released.

    I think any apocalyptic game that isnt a neverending sequence of browns, greys and blacks should be praised for remembering that the colour spectrum exists.

      You should play enslaved. It is set in a post apocalypse time period and is full of colour

    "Resistance 3 is giving off a very Half-Life 2 vibe"

    Good. Valve obviously isn't bothered with Half-Life anymore, looks like this could be the next best thing!

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