Retro GTA Homage Delayed On Wii (But There's Good News)

Retro City Rampage, an ode to both the games and culture of yesteryear, was one of the few WiiWare games we'd been looking forward to as 2011 draws nearer. It's also now probably one of the last.

Why? Because it's now coming out on Xbox Live Arcade as well.

Those who have been following the game's development over 2010 won't find that too big a surprise, since a release outside of Nintendo's console was always a wink and a nod away from being confirmed, but now that it has, it makes you feel for the Wii. First NBA Jam, now this... what did the Wii do to deserve being jilted at the altar like this?

Not only is the game now coming out on the Xbox 360, it's also coming to Microsoft's console first, with a release planned for mid 2011. The WiiWare version, meanwhile, slides back to late 2011.

Exclusive: Retro City Rampage out on XBLA first, WiiWare later [Destructoid]


    Wow, that's some straight up bullhonkey dawg.

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