Risk: The Official Game Is Great Board Game Fun

I've always said that the iPad would be a great solution for bringing board games to the digital era, Risk: The Official Game HD proves it.

Electronic Arts' version of the official Hasbro board game doesn't add a lot new to the classic strategy board game, but it does deliver a polished board game experience on Apple's iPad.

At $US6.99, the game lets three to six players, human or computer-controlled, take turns battling over the fate of countries, continents and eventually the world. The game includes single player, pass-and-play and the ability to challenge other game owners locally on multiple devices. What it doesn't include is online play. Another thing I'd love to see hit this as an add-on are some of the wonderfully complex, oddball Risk variations like Black OPS, Castle Risk and Secret Mission.


    WTF! No online? It's not the 90's anymore.

    How can EA not get that sussed but Uniwar can (other than the obvious "it costs money")?

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