Robbers Didn't Only Get Game Schwag, They Scored Marijuana

A 12-year-old boy was left at home while his parents were out shopping. Robbers showed up and not only stole his video games, but also his medicinal marijuana.

Early Saturday morning, the boy was at home playing video games when two men in their 20s found an unlocked back door and entered the Sacramento home. The suspects apparently tied the boy up with an extension cord and locked him in a room, while they searched the house.

The two men made off with 12 jars of the kid's medicinal marijuana as well as his video games, before speeding away in a red vehicle.

The suspects are described as either Hispanic or Asian men in their 20s with a strong hankering for potato chips.

Boy Tied Up In Live Oak Home Invasion [CBS Sacramento][Pic]


    Wait, what?

    A 12 year prescribed with medical marijuana??
    He had 12 jars stockpiled?

    That's pretty crazy!

      Note if your read the linked article, they do not say it belongs to the 12 year old...

        Even if it did, so what? Medicine doesn't magically stop working because a patient is young (usually, anyway), and it is entirely possible for a 12 year old to have any of the conditions pot is proscribed for, especially pain disorders and the like.

        The other main 'treatment' for pain disorders is opiates like morphine, oxycontin, codeine, etc. All are much harsher and more addictive than marijuana. But being little pills they are much more 'socially acceptable' for a young person.

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