Sad, But True


    Video game developers do love em some big ol' boobies.....

      No, they just know that us gamers love boobs

        Speak for yourself.

        I remember that a while ago there was an interesting interview with a female game producer who mentioned having rows with her largely male art department over the breast sizes of female characters. She wanted them to look good with realistic proportions. The problem was that they completely equated looking good with having big boobs.

    if( game.isDevilMayCryClone && game.Protagonist.Gender = Gender.Female)
    game.protagonist.legheight = game.protagonist.legheight * 2;

      I LOL!

      if( game.isDevilMayCryClone && game.Protagonist.Gender == Gender.Female )
      game.protagonist.legheight *= 2;

    He forgot the other requirement for a JRPG protagonist, must be an angsty teen with big hair

      so you like old and bald people as protagonist, really strange taste maybe you are developing new fetish without noticing

    yeah its a funny point that that only boobs are given more attention in detail than any other characteristic of the character. lmao.
    but then, i love boobs,all straight guys love boobs.
    also funny is the fact how only russians are portrayed as villains. never some arab or iraqi

      One of CoD 4's main antagonists along with a Russian was a Middle Eastern Fellow.

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