See 100% Of Quake In Under An Hour

Blazing your way through the original Quake from 1996 in less than 60 minutes might not impress hardened speed run enthusiasts, but what about doing so while also nailing 100% completion in Quake on its hardest difficulty?

That's what the Quake Done Quick team has done in this speed run that's almost too fast, burning through the first-person shooter in a little over 52 minutes. It's a blur of gibs, grunts and secret areas discovered and it's a great way to kill an hour during a slow week.

Quake done 100% Quickest [YouTube via Reddit]


    Holy f***ing shit.

    Ok i watched 15 odd minutes - and to say that is incredible is an understatement!


    This is just... INSANE! Can't even believe that after watching it, crikey!

    Dude's got to be using a trainer... or an aimbot; even so that's just extraordinary.

    I played this game so long ago, and I was so young, that I can barely remember the weapons/enemies/levels, but this is still really impressive. It also just makes me notice how good the sound in this game is, especially when using the quad damage. Sounds better than a lot of modern games. Even the level design is up to par with a lot of linear FPS games.

    what. the. f**k?! My god, it isn't human!

    Ahhh memories. A game based on pure reflexes. Back in the 90s i was aquainted with 2 of the players from clan skunj, they tried to teach me I could barely get the bunny hop right.... 'swinging' the mouse one way and strafing in opposite never made sense, timing one rj (rocket jump) required decent timing too.

    i mighta missed something later on but he chose normal skill not hardest?

    awesome game for its day! cuttng edge
    love the NIN ammo (nine inch nails)

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