See The Weapon, Be The Weapon In Crysis 2

Here's Crysis 2's latest trailer - "Be The Weapon" - which showcases plenty of gameplay, some of being abilities and maps seen at the closed-door screenings back at E3.

I swear, the Met Life (né Pan-Am) Building's sole reason for being built was so it could be repeatedly knocked across 45th Street in the movies. Now in video games.

Crysis 2 is just around the corner; it hits March 22 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. For much more, check Totilo's preview from Wednesday.


    crysis 1 never came out on xbox did it? i really want to play it before crysis 2.

      no, crysis 1 was PC only, xbox 360 and PS3 just dont have enough power to run it.
      sad how crysis 2 is being toned down, crysis 1 still has better graphics than most games now-a-days.

    lol that vid reminds me of a US army commercial XD

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