Seems The Xbox 360's Indie Uprising Was More Of A Mild Wag Of The Finger

Sick of being neglected by MIcrosoft and ignored by most consumers, developers of indie games for Xbox Live Arcade went and had a little uprising. So was it a success? Well...

The original plan was to have 14 games released during the early days of December, a smorgasbord of independent talent that was supposed to draw attention to some of the good work that goes on over on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

Turns out only eight of those games ever made it to release, the rest caught up with bugs or "just plain not being finished yet". While the uprising's leader Robert Boyd rightly points out that Microsoft's publishing routines for this kind of thing aren't necessarily helpful, it still looks bad when half your big push for the limelight falls over before they've even crossed the start line.

Of the eight games that did appear during the uprising, Epic Dungeon did pretty well, moving around 6,000 copies in ten days. The other games? Break Limit sold 400 copies, the rest sold even fewer.

What do you think about the whole thing? Was Epic Dungeon's sales and the awareness brought about by the campaign worth it? Or do the no-shows and limited sales of other games only serve to highlight how few people will ever use the Xbox 360's indie service?

Winter Uprising Organiser Admits "Mixed" Success [Edge]


    Like all revolutions... nothing happens until the rebels have gotten their noses good and bloodied a few times.

    You say you want a revolution, We-ell you know, YOU HAVE TO SELL IN AUSTRALIA!

    Okay it doesn't quite fit the tune but it needs to be said

    It's a very niche market and there's very little to stop the more serious developers releasing the same games on PC.

    That being said, they should be happy with what they've got and realise it's probably never going to turn them into the next Rockstar or Bungie or Bioware, etc.

    Aliasalpha, wonderful comment.

    But the reality is at roughly $2000 to get a game rated in Australia indie X-Box 360 games are pretty much unlikely to happen. Now I know steam indie games make it through all the time without being rated. But let's not draw attention to that fact.

    And I will confess I have no idea how that works. I also know any body can make a horrific nightmare of a game for web browsers and rating or not it could not be stopped.

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