Sega Recreates Fashion Model's Flaring Nostrils

Jun Komori started out as a fashion model, appearing in magazines like Popteen. There are tons of magazine models. So Jun started to be different by making stupid faces.

At a press conference today in Tokyo it was revealed that Komori will be the game's latest massage "therapist". Previous celebrity therapists include model Ayana Tsubaki and former Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi.

Komori is a veteran model and promotes all kinds of make-up and whatnot, but she's increasingly playing up her wacky side. Because people love wacky.

It's a bit like when Jenny McCarthy started getting attention for being silly.

According to Komori, she's a big fan of the Yakuza series and because the last Yakuza game was on the PSP, she's jazzed that it's returning to the PS3 for Yakuza: Of The End.

「龍が如く OF THE END」のセラピスト役は小森 純さんに決定。名越総合監督も出演したキャスト発表記者会見の模様をレポート(龍が如く OF THE END) []


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