Shift 2 Unleashed Is Perfect Complement To Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Shift 2 Unleashed Is Perfect Complement To Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
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Despite the roaring success of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a racing game that managed to yank me forcibly back into a genre a long lost interest in, I still don’t anticipate the release of Shift 2 Unleashed.

The game sounds to me like a return to all of the things that pushed me away from the franchise, all of which can be summarised by one word: realism. I’m not a fan of reality, that’s why I play video games. The same goes doubly true for racers.

But I understand there is a deep interest by a massive audience for racing games that push the envelope on realism. I’m not quite sure yet where Shift 2 Unleashed is going to land.

The developers say the game will deliver authentic driver experience with 40 career events when it hits in mid 2011. The game is also said to be the perfect complement to Hot Pursuit, which screams don’t buy it to me. But that’s because I don’t want a compliment, I just want more Hot Pursuit.

If you’re unlike me, and are looking forward to a return to realistic racing in this franchise, then you probably will want to hear about the pre-order bonus which nets you three exclusive cars: the Nissan Silvia spec.R Aero (S15), the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV, and the Lamborghini MurciĆ©lago LP640.

Now go look at these pictures.


  • The wheel support for Shift 2 better be better than that of Shift.

    I was hugely interested in Hot Pursuit leading up to release being an avid Burnout freak but the demo soured it for me. Still going to get it, just don’t know when.

    I enjoy both the aracade and sim racers along with almost everything in between.

  • I haven’t picked up Hot Pursuit (probably won’t until it drops a lot in price – GT5 is fulfilling my driving needs) but I adoooored Shift. Cockpit racing was a pure thrill and I’m excited for more from Shift 2.

    And is it just me, or does Brian seem really negative in this post?

    • He seems very negative, Shift is hardly a realistic sim. I love arcade racers like Split Second, Motorstorm etc, but I found Hot Pursuit didn’t satisfy. You know what Brian? Try things sometimes.

  • I think the point that was well made with the release of shift 1 and often overlooked is that the game simulates the experience of driving, not the cars.

    It doesnt simulate the car to precision levels, but damn it feels like you’re the worlds greatest race champion (or worst) when you’re on the track battling it out.

    I loved shift 1. Hot pursuit is such a bog standard racing model i’m not really loving it. I love the Autolog multiplayer intergration into the SP experience, but i didnt bother dusting off the race wheel for it.

    Shift 2 with the great feeling of racing of the original, combigned with the super great Autolog features is going to be my racer of choice. Don’t let us down boys!

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