Shift 2 Unleashed Takes Some Gorgeous Screenshots

The first step in creating a new Need for Speed game is making sure the screenshots look amazing. Slightly Mad Studios nails it with these screens for Shift 2 Unleashed.

Revealed earlier this month via a video teaser, Shift 2 Unleashed is the sequel to Need for Speed: Shift, the simulation side of the Need for Speed franchise. Once again Slightly Mad Studios shows it has a knack for creating compelling images of cars racing about a track.

As Shift remains one of the better-rated games in the Need for Speed series in recent years, we'll assume what's under the hood in the sequel matches the paint, until proven otherwise.


    damn.. nice stuff..

    Of all the photos, it's the in car one that I like the most.
    Not because it's pretty, but because the camera is aimed through the corner. All racing games should do this, not just proper sims IMO (and the amount should be adjustable!).

    *dont screw it up
    *dont screw it up
    *dont screw it up

    Please don't screw this up EA :)

    too bad Shift sucked haha lol

    Shift was my favorite racer to date. Loved that cockpit driving experience. On a pc with a wheel I don't think I've had a more satisfying driving experience, not too simulatey, not too arcadey. I caaaaant wait for the sequel. Hopefully they make upgrading cars worth while in this one.

    Hot Pursuit was sweaty sack, hopefully this is ok.

    Better have LAN Multiplayer.

    There's a couple of shots there that look very much like Mt Panorama!!! Sweeeet..

    Shift was awesome with a wheel, the best drive on either PS3 or 360. Looking forward to this one.

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