Skateboarding 'Has Run Its Course' As A Top Video Game Format

The heyday of skateboarding games is past, the head of EA, the company that makes Tony Hawk rival franchise Skate, told Kotaku in an interview this week.

EA chief John Riccitiello, whose company's Skate series has been regarded as the better skateboarding video game series in the last few years, sees skateboarding as part of a bigger group of games he thinks will stick around.

"When it comes to action sports, I think that's going to be an an ongoing exciting genre," Riccitiello said during an interview in New York City. "But at least for the level of excitement out there, skateboarding seems to have run its course as the representative example in that broader genre."

Tony Hawk games used to be annual best-sellers but have flopped creatively and commercially in recent years. EA's Skate series, which seemed to surpass the Tony Hawk games in quality has never generated the same buzz as those earliest Tony Hawk games.

Riccitiello had been more optimistic about music games, which he believes will make a comeback.

As an example of a new action sports game that is clicking with gamers, Riccitiello cited his company's revival of NBA Jam, a game that has been reviewed well this fall.


    I love the Skate games, but I certainly believe that they've kinda plateaued. I don't think that there's much else that they can do with it for now, that can't be accomplished via DLC for Skate 3.. then again, I ain't no genius video game designer, so who knows? Hopefully they'll be able to make a Skate 4 that's different and exciting enough that I want to buy it.

      Yeah, I kinda agree. Skate 2 is one of my favourite games this generation, but Skate 3 felt over the hill.

      I think there's still room for the skate series to improve. I love the games but my problem is everything in the city is designed based on classic skate elements. For example the pools aren't swimming pools, they're skate pools. The hills aren't hills they're ramps and quarter pipes placed in a way that looks like a hill. They aim to make a realistic world full of interesting things to skate on but by designing everything to skate on they're making it so that everything is way too similar. You might as well skate at the Mega Ramps because there's nothing unique about the smaller ones.
      They need to take reverse that. Instead of designing skate locations and making them part of a realistic setting, they need to design realistic locations and make them skateable.

      As for skate games in general they just need to steal the flick-it system. I know some people hate it but it's what makes sense. It's like moving with the left stick and aiming with the right, it's just how it's done.
      Once you're using a flick-it like system you've got to make the game actually interesting. Stop focusing on becoming a pro and trying to simulate the skating community. The Tony Hawk series copped a lot for being ridiculous but at the end of the day it wasn't that it was ridiculous it's that it was lame and tired. Skating with fake Bam wasn't fun.
      Now mix State of Emergency's everything with Skate 3's skating system. That'd be a fun chaotic environment to play in. Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam was a good idea. Make it a racer. A skating based Mario Kart seems like exactly the sort of thing Sonic would love. Even something simple like the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater series where you're just skating at interesting locations for points, doing challenges and listening to music would be cool right now.

      If John Riccitiello thinks there's nowhere for skate to go he needs to give me the development team and some cash and I'll have skate 1985 selling through the roof by Christmas 2011. Simple as that. =P

    I enjoyed Skate 3, but it felt rushed.
    Little things bugged me like no representation of where you were on the map which meant I teleported almost everywhere, severely limiting exploration which was one of my favourite elements of the previous games.
    Larger annoyances included the omission of local multi-player, something that had been present since the first Skate.

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