Some Mortal Kombat Fatalities Only Available In Certain Stores

Do you love Sub-Zero's killing move from the original Mortal Kombat? Well, here's hoping you love Best Buy, where you'll have to pre-order the next Mortal Kombat to get it in your game. But what if you like Scorpion's?

Scorpion's original fatality will only be available in copies of the game pre-ordered at GameStop. Amazon will be selling pre-ordered copies with Reptile's fatality.

The news that those fatalities - and classic versions of those characters - will be available only in select stores came this morning in a press release from Warner Brothers Interactive today, publishers of the new game.

This is an odd one. Sometimes game publishers allow a certain store to sell pre-orders to a version of a game that has exclusive levels or exclusive characters. Selling exclusive moves in a fighting game seems different. In all cases, the intent is clear: to goose pre-order sales with a given game-seller, in order to ensure strong sales at that chain.

We've checked in with Warner Bros. to see whether those fatalities will eventually be available for all users to download and purchase, as some retailer "exclusives" sometimes eventually are. We've also asked whether players who don't have these special versions will be able to see those fatalities if they compete online against players who have them. This post will be updated if we find out more.

The new Mortal Kombat will be out in April on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


    This is pure BS. I'm all for DLC and things like that but now we're getting totally incomplete games because we didn't 'preorder' at a certain store?

    "Officer Barbrady, I'd like to call shenannigans!"

      Agreed. It's bullshit if you have to buy the game from a certain retailer in order to get all the content. And in this case you'd have to buy multiple copies of the game from different retailers to get it all.

      I've got no issue with retailers have exclusive preorder bonuses, but they shouldn't be in-game stuff. Give somebody a bonus tshirt or figurine or whatever other crap you've got laying around, but don't make people miss out on content just because they buy it from the "wrong" retailer.

    Worst. Idea. EVER.

    Hopefully by the time it gets to Australia all 3 will be bundled together at any store.

    But yes, complete bullshit and you wonder why some games hit the bargin bin so quickly.

    1) Customer pre-orders the game 3 times at stores to get all the bonuses.

    2) Publisher is licking their lips at pre-order numbers through the roof

    3) Publisher ships millions of copies of the game to store based on pre-order data collected.

    4) Game is released, customer buys only 1 game, leaving 2 on the shelf.

    5) Publisher has 2 feelings, first that don't care because the stores have already bought the game ans second, they don't understand why sales are so poor compared to pre-orders.

    6) Game is reduced to half price within on average 2 months.

    I completely understand that retailers want an edge over each other, but this doesn't really and gives them a 33% of a customer picking them.

    The publisher is ultimately selling to us, we want to buy their product, so they should be making it enticing for us to buy it and for me, this is the complete opposite.

    I'd get if they were offering the Kratos character or Xbox equivilent as a preorder exclusive, but one of MK's core gameplay features?

    Dick move, Netherrealm.

    chances are 6 months down the track when sales are low, they'll all come out as DLC (probably $6), seeing how GoW3 skins that were store specific came out as a pack not too long ago

    Absolute bullshit! I'm actually considering not buying it now (because I totally know it will make a difference :P), missing out on any of these fatalities would be a major annoyance to me. I've been playing MK since I was barely walking, and have always been a massive Sub Zero fan, I will be extremely pissed if I'm not able to use his old school fatality, which seems to be the case as we have no Best Buy here :(

      Also, what does the dev get out of this? How does this make them more money? I can only see this as a bad thing for sales

    Anyone have a contact so we can e-mail them and TELL them that we have chosen not to buy this product due to this bone-headed move?

    And this is new, how exactly?
    Whether by preorder bonus codes or EA-style first-drop "Limited Edition" bonuses or one-time-use online play Codes, exclusive unlocks are here to stay as a way of combatting both piracy and preowned, and well-done to those trying to create the impulse. Generally they are eventually available to all, for a microtransaction price of course.

    I just know our eldest boy will be buying Scorpion's entire move list either way. You just can't account for bad taste. Luckily he will be getting owned by Liu Kang and Sub Zero regularly this time, instead of by Superman...

      This is more than just a costume or some random cosmetic difference. This is a core gameplay mechanic. Sure, it's a core gameplay mechanic that serves no purpose aside from violently rubbing salt in the wounds of your opponents, but the Fatalities are synonymous with the Mortal Kombat series and often the sign of an experienced player. Getting rid of Fatalities is like getting rid of the Hadouken from Street Fighter. It's that symbolic.

    Holy crap that has crossed the line. Characters exclusive to platform is acceptable. Alt outfits exclusive to retail would be tolerable. A new level exclusive to a retailer would be asshole-ish. Actual in-game moves exclusive to retail pre-order is like spitting in the customer's face.

      But it is the consumers fault - we buy and put up with the crap they pull off. That said I think that this will be one of the few times it will backfire the only shame is that it is the reboot of Mortal Kombat so the name of the franchise suffers not the publishers making the dick move.

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